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If you’re interested in pursuing your interests in Architecture, Fashion or Graphic Design, please take note of the BDS application process.  Click here for full instructions, and to obtain the 9th grade application.  The following dates are the portfolio review dates for your chosen tract:

9th Grade Portfolio Review Days:

Graphic Design/Interactive Media Production

Thursday, February 2, 2017



Architecture/Construction Design Management

Thursday, February 9, 2017



Fashion Design

Thursday, February 16, 2017


Students must have a confirmation that their application has been received and processed prior to attending one of these portfolio days.


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  1. Patrice bell says:

    How many fashion design classes do you have? How can I access your curriculum? I was told grades 10-12 can take fashion design. How are the fashion classes differ for the three years or do you just offer one fashion design class? Thank you

    • Chris Frederick says:

      Greetings Ms. Bell, I’m not sure if you were able to make it to the open house we had for students interested in fashion, but a complete breakdown of the program was given at that time. I would suggest that you contact the office and set up a meeting with Principal Valentine or Mr. Hayes. H.S. students were required to go through a portfolio review process to be considered for acceptance, and transfers into BDS are not permitted for the upper grades. The design program for H.S. starts in the 9th grade, and the separate tracts build upon the skilled curriculum each year. You would need to talk with the school to see if your student could be considered, depending their situation.

  2. Rachel Noble says:

    I have several questions in regards to high school enrollment. My son is going into the eighth grade next year but has been interested in Design and Architecture for several years. How would he prepare a portfolio (I hope this isn’t a ridiculous question). Also, we live in Anne Arundel County but I work for a design firm here in Baltimore city ,do you accept non city residences? I am sure we have missed the dead line for registration for 8th grade so I am trying to get prepared for 9th grade . Thank you

    • Chris Frederick says:

      Hi Ms. Noble, I would encourage you to contact the school and speak with Principal Valentine or Mr. O’Hara regarding applying from AACO. We have had non-city residents enrolled, however there are caveats regarding cost. I would also inquire about scheduling a shadow day, to make sure the program would be a good fit for your son. In regards to a portfolio, we are past the portfolio workshops and review…so that would again be best to run by Mr. O’Hara or Ms. Valentine. Peace~ Christine Frederick


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