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On a recent Tuesday at the Baltimore Design School, students gather in a classroom, folding papers to create booklets where they will copy and paste clips from magazines, draw figments of their imagination using markers and colored pencils, and write poetry and other tidbits of expression before creating a final, distributable masterpiece with a photocopier.

It isn’t your typical after-school art club, according to its founder, Alexandria Wingate. It’s Zine Club.

Inspired by her research into third-wave feminism, the recent Baltimore Design School graduate created the school’s first “zine” club, a group that focuses on the self-publishing of small pamphlets about topics ranging from fashion to self-care to edgier topics like the exploration of phallic objects.

“I’m going to carry it to my grave,” Wingate, 18, said of zine-making. “It puts me at ease. … I learned that I have a voice and I’m able to share it through my creative process.”

The Design School club is just one example of Baltimore’s vibrant culture surrounding zines, the do-it-yourself magazines and pamphlets made up of unorthodox — sometimes even radical — thoughts, artwork, and expressions of fandom, community and culture. Click to read entire article (it’s really interesting!)

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