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Expectations of BDS Families and Stakeholders

Parents and supporters often ask how they can help, or what role they are expected to serve when coming into the Baltimore Design School family.
Here’s some guidelines that are a perfect start:

Engagement of Families and Communities

Families, partners, volunteers, community residents, service providers and vendors consider themselves critical resources in the development of healthy, well-rounded students.
FAMILIES PARTICIPATE ACTIVELY in the development of policy and standards related to the student wholeness approach and in its implementation.
  • FAMILIES COMMUNICATE with and are responsive to the school regarding their children’s academic performance and social-emotional competencies (e.g., behavior, confidence, relationship building).
  • FAMILIES ESTABLISH and maintain routines (e.g., at-home learning; consistent, on-time attendance).
  • FAMILIES REINFORCE the importance of a healthy lifestyle through proper health care, nutrition and exercise.
  • FAMILIES ACCESS resources and opportunities for intervention, remediation and enrichment.
  • FAMILIES ACKNOWLEDGE and celebrate positive behavior and performance.
  • FAMILIES PARTICIPATE in celebrations of learning at school and in presentation of student work portfolios.
  • FAMILIES PARTICIPATE in joint decision-making and reviewing of student wholeness implementation, when appropriate.
  • FAMILIES VOLUNTEER to support school priorities and activities to help create and maintain a positive culture and climate.
  • FAMILIES ADVOCATE on issues.
  • FAMILIES SOLICIT resources and materials to support school priorities.
  • FAMILY MEMBERS PARTICIPATE actively in school committees and advisory groups

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For more information, please contact our Parent Communications Officer, Christine Frederick at ChrisBDSRobotics@gmail.com.

BDS NEEDS PARENT VOLUNTEERS! Contact the school if you’d like to help.