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Baltimore Design School Needs Volunteers!

BDS also has a continuous need for volunteers in the following areas:

1) Lunch room monitors

2) File organization

3) Front desk/reception: There are days at BDS where it is all hands on deck! That means on occasion having someone to handle visitors and the front desk.

4) Library book cataloging: BDS has thousands of wonderful books for our designers, but they can’t be put in circulation unless they are cataloged. Cataloging a book takes 5 minutes, and so just imagine, 90 minutes of your time means our designers could have 18 new books to check out!

– If you are interested in volunteering, please come in to school and fill out the volunteer form. All parents that volunteer in the school must undergo a background check (unless you are already employed by BCPSS). The volunteer form starts the process and is available at the front desk from Ms. Canal or Mr. O’Hara.