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The convergence of art and technology is creating a new world.

Baltimore Design School is a new public middle-high school that will focus on three specific areas of design: Fashion Design, Architecture, and Graphic Design. In the fall of 2011, we will start with grades 6 and 7 so that by 2016 we will be a full 6-12 school.

The Baltimore Design School believes that all students, with good instruction and practice, can learn art and design skills, and achieve high standards in their academic program. We value student interests in drawing, making things, fashion ideas, creative problem-solving, three dimensional ability, planning and building, and communicating visually through graphics. We love students who see problems that need new solutions, who envision possibilities, and imagine a better world.

We believe our graduates will be leading designers and architects of the future who see design as a way of thinking, problem-solving, and living a productive and rewarding life.