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What’s happening with our middle school students?

At BDS we have high expectations for our middle school students. We are always seeking to foster an environment that is conducive to learning and achieving. We encourage our students to D.A.R.E. to be different by being Diligent, Accountable, Respectful and Enthusiastic.

BDS is a Positive Behavioral Intervention & Support (PBIS) school. This is an incentive program designed to recognize when our middle school students exhibit exemplary behavior. Students receive design dollars that can be redeemed for prizes and event participation.

At BDS we believe that students who show up, excel. We acknowledge perfect attendance as a commitment to learning. Therefore, we have a quarterly perfect attendance party for our students. Per quarter, we have between 20-30 students who maintain a perfect attendance.

This January, our middle schools students participated in a hallway transition competition. Our faculty and staff monitored students as they transitioned from period to period. Congratulations to 7-1 for being model students amongst your peers!! Our winners won a Chipotle party in the company of our Assistant Principal, Mr. Pinkney.

At BDS we value student feedback. To learn from our students, our middle school counselor conducts monthly Navience surveys which give students the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions regarding their learning experience. This information is then used to improve lesson planing and the overall classroom experience.


Updated January 2017

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