Virtual Learning resources for students and families

We are working hard to support our families with the best customer service, to ensure our students are logged on and engaged throughout the day.  We have a team of staff supporting our school community and are ready to help.  Prior to completing the support ticket, refer to thefollowing document for common troubleshooting solutions. Many issues can be resolved by using the following guidelines. If you continue to experience problems, complete the support ticket below.

If your tech issues are not resolved, please complete the support ticket using the link:



Instructions for Student Zoom Login

Across the district, the majority of schools are experiencing login issues similar to what some families went through last night as we used the student login information to connect to the Zoom meetings for Orientation. One of the major reasons Principal Valentine set up last night’s event requiring families to use student credentials was to ensure that students were registered properly on Zoom to be in compliance with the district’s new security measures. Those families who logged on with us last night should have been able to access the zoom classes today without issue. Those families who are still experiencing difficulties should use the instructions above, and contact us with the following link if you are still unable to access:


How to access the Verizon mobile data on your Chromebook

As part of our Verizon Digital Promise program, each Chromebook comes with mobile data through Verizon. While users can tap into their home internet , the Verizon plan offers secure browsing filters that are approved by Baltimore City Schools.  To access your Verizon mobile data, click on the time at the bottom right of the screen. A window will pop up click on the gear at the top of the window that just popped up. Another window will open at this point. Click the mobile data and click off of your WiFi.

Here is a quick video as well:

Password:  10564272

If your camera icon disappears on your Chromebook…do this:

– Click on the time bubble in the lower right corner.
– Click on the settings gear at the top of the box
– Click on ‘About’ Chrome OS
– Click on the ‘Check for updates’ command
– Restart Chromebook

We’ve had this come up a few times, and figured out that when some updates are needed, the camera function becomes disabled until the updates are performed.