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7th Grade Honors Math and 8th Grade Algebra

Jennifer McCarthy

Background/Experience in content area: This lady’s been teaching since 2005 and hails from NJ/NYC. I’ve been an urban educator in Newark, NJ, Jersey City, NJ, Chicago, Brooklyn, NYC, and now Baltimore. I started as an elementary school educator and transitioned to teaching middle school math in 2015. I’ve got a BA in Art History, a BA in Elementary Education, and a MS in Instructional Leadership. I’m a certified ESOL, reading 1-6, and mathematics 4-9 teacher.
I joined BDS because: I love living in Baltimore and serving my local community! BDS empowers the uniqueness, creativity, and voices of our youth.
Fun fact about me: I’m into 90s hip hop, cooking, and listening to The Fellowship of the Ring every night as a bedtime story! I also pretend I’m a seasoned city gardener.