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Dean of Student Support

Laura Goode

Professional Experience: I am celebrating my second season (year) as the dean of students; as well as my third year overall with the BDS family. Past professional experience consists of, but not limited to: radio broadcasting and editing, sports referee, design, management, and customer service.   
‘I joined the BDS Family’ simply because of the great varieties of positive energy that this building creates when teaching is in session. The lives that we change by guiding the students to their individual gifts is an amazing feeling. To name a few: We are manifesting future architects that will build some of our most beautiful structures on the planet; we are helping create future fashion designers who will produce in some of the finest fashion shows offered to see; and we are producing future teachers that will lead the next generation to come. This is what I experience and have been experiencing since I started.   
Fun Fact: I am a caricature fanatic. I have accumulated over 20 pictures throughout my life time.