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Baltimore Design School fosters creativity and develops the academic and critical thinking skills of 6th through 12th grade students and prepares them for admission to college and careers in the design fields of Architecture, Fashion, and Graphic Design. BDS is a Baltimore City public transformation school that offers a comprehensive college preparatory program that integrates design throughout the academic curriculum and provides Career and Technology Education (CTE) pathways.

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Lydia Randall

It’s no surprise that as our first graduating class passed the torch to the rising seniors, class of 2018, Lydia Randall, would be the front-runner to receive this “torch”. Lydia embodies the essence of a young designer here at BDS.

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Baltimore Design School Graduates

Student Story

Next year, I’m going to Howard University to pursue a major in Criminology and minor in Spanish. Since 7th grade, BDS has helped me become more comfortable with who I am, express what I have to say, and articulate myself to others. BDS opened my eyes and widened my perspective.

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