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Baltimore Design School fosters creativity and develops the academic and critical thinking skills of 6th through 12th grade students and prepares them for admission to college and careers in the design fields of Architecture, Fashion, and Graphic Design. BDS is a Baltimore City public transformation school that offers a comprehensive college preparatory program that integrates design throughout the academic curriculum and provides Career and Technology Education (CTE) pathways.

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’22 Cory Clinton spent a day with Syndicate Screen Print Co. flexing his design skills and learning screen printing from the pros

BDS Graphic Design Senior, Cory Clinton, recently spent the day at Syndicate Screen Print Co. where he was able to work with BDS stakeholder, Brendan Nass, to perfect his screen printing technique and print 50 shirts with his dope design.  Thanks for the opportunity Mr. Nass!  We look forward to great things from Cory in […]

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Smart Start School Supply List 2022-23 SY

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2022/23 Baltimore Design School Day Hours 8:45am – 3:35pm [Doors open @ 8:15am for breakfast]

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Baltimore Design School Prom – Hosted by the Class of 2022!

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Student Story

The process of making music and designing is very similar. For instance, architecture helped me think outside the box when it came to my songwriting. In architecture you have to think about every perspective when you’re designing. For example: “Who’s going to be in this building? How do I want people to feel when they look at the building, or walk in the building? Is the ground stable for this type of material we’re using to build this building? How can this help someone?” An architect asks himself or herself all these different questions in the process of designing. Same with me and writing my music. I ask myself “What’s the message? If I performed this song how will the crowd react? Who’s the song for?” So without architecture, I don’t think I would have this type of broad-minded thinking when I write my songs.

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