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Rigorous academics.

The Baltimore Design School academic curriculum rivals that of any traditional school, public or private.

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We pair our design curriculum with modern academic standards.

High academic standards ensure students’ completion of a Maryland high school diploma to complement their design education. Baltimore Design School students are prepared to apply successfully to institutions of higher learning or entry-level positions in the design fields. They are also ready to compete for admission and merit scholarships to the finest colleges and universities in fashion design, architectural design and graphic design.

Core curriculum courses provide paths for students to enter Honors, Advanced Placement, and Dual-Enrollment courses at the senior high level.

A Day in the Life of a BDS Student

What is a typical day like at BDS?

From homeroom to the final bell, BDS students experience a rich, design-focused academic schedule.


Modern and challenging academic classes

By integrating design thinking into every aspect of the curriculum, BDS transforms students into innovative young designers.

Baltimore Design School - Art and Design Classes
Art and Design

Art and design classes that allow students' creativity to thrive

The driving force of the Baltimore Design School is to develop creativity and critical thinking skills for Baltimore City students.


A tight-knit community of teachers, staff, parents, and students

Families, volunteers, community residents, service providers, and vendors are critical resources in the development of healthy, well-rounded students.

Baltimore Design School - A tight-knit community

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Baltimore Design School - Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

Middle School

The world of design is opened to students through exploration. Our goal is to help students discover what they are able to do, like to do, and want to study further. Essential skills such as drawing, design thinking, and working with computer programs, art materials, and design media are developed through experimentation and practice. As students complete 8th grade, they will have developed a portfolio to use in applying for continuation on into a specific high school design pathway.

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High School

In-depth study within a pathway allows students to deepen their knowledge of one design field. Instruction focuses on mastery of essential skills, concepts, and studio habits. Students explore problems and materials relevant to the domain, history of the specific design field, and contemporary trends. The pathways can lead to opportunities for internships and dual enrollment in college courses.

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