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Architecture at BDS

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The Construction, Design and Management (CDM) Program at Baltimore Design School is a three-year CTE program that introduces the fundamentals of architectural design and related professions. From sophomore to senior year, students explore the four primary influences responsible for these experiences: dimension, composition, material, and phenomena. By the end of senior year, students are prepared for the rigor of college architecture programs and related trades through authentic, real-world experiences rooted in concrete and conceptual understandings of architectural design.

Baltimore Design School - Architecture

Architecture 101

Student shows the architecture practice of sketching at Baltimore Design School

Sketching and architecture go hand in hand. Sketching is about visually communicating ideas and solving design problems.

Student shows the architecture concept of dimension at Baltimore Design School

In architecture, 2D and 3D concepts are used to bring ideas to life in the form of real-world models.

Hands-on construction at Baltimore Design School

Construction is hands-on and uses skills in design to build and maintain structures such as office buildings, homes, shopping centers, or bridges.

A Day in the Life

What does an architect do?

Architects lead and develop projects from an early concept through design development.


Active listening, communicating and sketching

All architectural projects start with an idea. As experts in design and planning, architects help to make the idea a reality through sketches and rough drawings.

Sketches and drawings play a key role in Baltimore Design School's architecture program
Students learn how to problem solve at Baltimore Design School
Problem Solving

Problems often arise during most building projects

Architects must be able to quickly identify and then solve design issues to keep projects moving forward.


Final changes and walkthroughs

Once construction begins, architects work with contractors to ensure buildings meet the intent of the design drawings.

Baltimore Design School architecture students learn how to work with contractors during construction

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