Parents are key.

At Baltimore Design School, parental support plays an important role in the development of our students.

Learn about family engagement and becoming a grade-level parent.



How do BDS families engage?

BDS is a small school with ~500 students in grades 6-12.

Each class has different needs depending on grade level, but all require help from families. The BDS community expects the following from our members:

  • Join School Family Council meetings.
  • Be a community partner.
  • Attend school events.
  • Assist in fundraising for your grade level.
  • Become a grade-level parent or serve on your class committee.

What is a class / grade-level parent?


One of the most important roles of the Class Parent is to communicate with other parents and engage them in school activities. Class Parents are members of the BDS School Family Council and form its Parent Engagement Committee. is our email/text distribution list for each class and grade. This enables Class Parents to contact other parents, the class, or the entire grade. Please use to update your fellow parents with important information during the year. If a parent does not have email access, please print out a copy of all class communications and ask the homeroom teacher to send it home in the student’s take-home folder.

Parent Resources