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Announcements July 9, 2019

2020/21 Uniform Policy for Middle & High School Students

The Baltimore Design School requires specific uniforms for Middle School scholars. Our High School dress code follows the Baltimore City Schools guidelines. This year, we will also follow the City Schools backpack policy.

Note:  The start of the 2020/21 SY will be virtual, until further direction from the District. Principal Valentine recommended that students prepare each morning as if they were going to school, dressed according to the dress code/uniform policy, hair combed, teeth brushed, proper nutrition and ready-to-learn.  Considering that advice, the following guidelines will be mandatory once students return to the building.

All Students:

Book bags need to be mesh or clear plastic if students wish to carry them to their classrooms. Book bags comprising of other material will have to be placed in student lockers. There are no exceptions to this policy. Students will also need to have a lock for their lockers. It is recommended that students bring a combination lock, however students must have a lock for their locker to secure their property.

High School:  

Students will have school spirit t-shirt and hoodie options they can purchase. While there is no uniform, we ask that parents please abide by the code of conduct when allowing their students to dress for school. Please no open toe shoes, slippers, flip flops, see through shirts,  halter-tops, or ripped up jeans. Outerwear (coats and oversized jackets) must be kept inside of lockers.

Middle School Uniforms

Middle School:   

Each grade has a specific color shirt, and that color will follow students throughout their middle school years.

6th – Teal polos and khakis
7th – White polos and khakis
8th – Black polos and khakis

Our authorized uniform vendor is Hermans Discount located at 3106 Greenmount Ave, Baltimore, Md 21218 410-662-9626

Please consider donating your used uniforms to the school guidance office.