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Event Recap May 21, 2019

2019 Spring Showcase & Coffeehouse Lookbook

BDS students exhibited their work for the semester during the Spring Showcase. Students also led a coffeehouse in the outdoor courtyard where they were able to market their work.

Self Portraits

To help themselves create fully rounded portfolios, the juniors in the graphic design program worked independently on self portraits which they created over the course of several weeks at home. the students critiqued one another’s work and completed up to 3 rounds of portraits to get their final version.

Perspective Spaces

Designers created an interior or exterior, rendered in one or two point perspectives using a ruler an pencil. Drawings included at least five buildings or objects. They used existing architectural perspective renderings and inspirations from their own life to create these imaginary spaces in order to prepare for their architecture unit projects.

Vector Portraits

Juniors in the graphic design program are expected to take the Adobe Certified Associates exam in Adobe Illustrator by the end of the year. In preparation for that test, juniors worked on several projects to perfect their skills with anchor points and Bezier curves, one of those projects being creating vector-based portraits of different figures. This project helped them to hone their skills with the pen tool and master both smooth and corner points as well as direction lines and handles.

Axonometric Views and Dynamic Grids

Students worked from sketches to finished drafts to create axonometric designs based on dynamic grids. Architecture 1 used isometric forms with smaller bases and Architecture II used Projected Plans to visualize their space before translating them to the model forms below.

Mesopotamian Tiles

6th Grade designers studied Mesopotamian tiles depicting everyday life. They then created individual ceramic tiles depicting an aspect of their own lives. Designers were tasked with creating simple designs for their tiles, creating and carving tiles and finally, glazing their work.

Architectural Programming: Affordable Housing

Architectural programming is the key to successful design. It is the crucial process of gathering, organizing and assessing a client’s building using information to inform design. Students in Architecture II studied building standards and codes as well as design efficiency to generate designs for affordable housing based on the Habitat for Humanity program. Students are using Auto CAD to translate their designs and create content libraries that can be used for future projects.

Self Portrait, Grid Art

7th grade students created self-portraits using pencil on paper.

Greek God Ceramic Tile Mosaics

In this interdisciplinary unit, designers studied Ancient Greek Culture and Greek Gods/Goddesses in Social Studies class. They then illustrated themselves as a new Greek God/Goddess by adding their own superpowers and features to the figure that resonated with them the most. Designers then worked with Resident Ceramic Artist, Ms. Amanda Pellerin, to create individual ceramic tile mosaics. Designers were tasked with creating simple motif designs for their border tiles and center tile, creating and carving uniform tiles, underglazing tiles and cementing and grouting tiles to create their finished mosaics.

5 Year Plan – Using Adobe Illustrator

11th grade students created their own 5 year plan using what they’ve learned in Adobe Illustrator.

Graphic Design Designer’s Prize Winner – Kayla Yerby ’19

Designers in History

As students dove deeper into learning Adobe Illustrator in their first level of Graphic Design, they found an influential graphic designer, illustrator or game designer in history to create a poster about. The poster should reflect both the designer’s work and the student’s own personal style. Students learned how to scan and image trace in Adobe Illustrator as well as how to lay out text in an attractive fashion.

Fashion Students Slay

Junior Portfolio and Senior Capstone Projects