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Announcements October 14, 2020

Appointment of Darrin Brozene as Interim Principal of BDS

Mr. Darrin Brozene selected to serve as interim principal at Baltimore Design School.


Darrin Brozene

October 14, 2020

To:      Members of the Baltimore Design School Community

From: Jacque Hayden, Instructional Leadership Executive Director Community Learning Network 10

Fred Lazarus, Chair, BDS Board

Re:     Appointment of Darrin Brozene as Interim Principal of BDS

On behalf of the Baltimore Design School Board of Trustees and the Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners, we are pleased to announce that Darrin Brozene has been selected to serve as interim principal of BDS. Mr. Brozene has served as acting principal since October 1st when Principal Valentine took a leave of absence. He has served as assistant principal over the past two years and he has proven his leadership capability and his understanding of the BDS culture.  We know he will do an excellent job in leading the school during these challenging times.

Principal Valentine has informed us that she will not be returning to BDS as our principal when she returns from leave. This week, she was appointed by the Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners to another position. We are exceptionally grateful to her for the incredible job she has done of leading BDS and making it one of the top schools in the city. We are working on a plan to thank her formally for all she has done for BDS.

In late winter/ early Spring, the Board of trustees, alongside selected members of BDS’ school family council, will undergo principal selection, and forward final recommendation(s) to the CEO/Board of Commissioners for permanent principal approval. Mr. Brozene will continue to serve as interim principal until a principal is appointed.

Baltimore Design School has never been stronger or in a better place to meet the challenges of these times. It will continue to move forward with all the plans and initiatives that have been developed by the school leadership and teachers. Mr. Brozene has been an integral part of developing these plans and he continues to have the support of an excellent team in implementing them. We are confident that the great momentum and progress we have experienced over the past few years will continue into the future.

Thank you for your support of our school, and if you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

Thank you,

Jacque Hayden

Fred Lazarus

(Click to view Original Letter to BDS Community re Brozene appt)