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Press January 21, 2019

BDS Senior, Eli Davis, Surprised with the Univ. of Maryland Acceptance Caravan

It was a knock on the door that would forever change Eli Davis’ life.

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Admission letters for colleges nationwide are starting to roll out, and Sunday morning, the University of Maryland added a new Terp to its Class of 2023- but did it in a big way.

It was a knock on the door that would forever change Eli Davis’ life.

He was greeted Sunday morning by the University of Maryland caravan- and a once-in-a-lifetime letter, the first time the University of Maryland Caravan has come to Baltimore for a surprise like this.

Courtesy of BALTIMORE (WJZ

“Ok…’You should be proud to know that you are among our largest and most talented pool of applicants. You and your peers in the Class of 2023 are remarkably impressive,’” Davis read in his acceptance letter.

For admissions staff, Davis’ persistence stood out.

“We got a chance to know him. He was part of our Maryland Ascent program, where we work with students who are interested in the University of Maryland, interested in going to college in general. And we work with them to make sure that they’re able to do everything they can do to realize their dreams,” said Director of Undergraduate Admissions Shannon Gundy.

Davis’ counselor at the Baltimore Design School helped him get here.

“Everybody talks about Baltimore as a problem city, but this is a triumph, and if we can always praise those kids who are going beyond,” said Shannon Hayes, his guidance counselor.

Davis worked beyond his struggle. He lost both parents by the time he was 11-years-old, and then, his grandmother. Click to read full article.