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Thursday, July 21st, 2022

Ice Cream Social for students interested in learning about the BDS Community Impact Club!!

We’ve been working with our partners at Central Baltimore Partnership to help students earn community service hours while engaging local businesses and organizations.  We’ve had so much fun, that we’re going to start a club for students
to participate.  We want a core group of students (from all grade levels) to help put together the club rules and come up with service project ideas.  If you’re interested, sign up and join us for our ice cream social on July 21 and meet
our community partners while enjoying a nice cold one.

Click here to sign up:

Objectives: The goal of the Community Impact Club is to create a space for students to earn crucial service learning hours while doing work that’s impactful to their own personal/professional/educational goals. We will utilize our
connections to local community groups, nonprofits and businesses to provide service learning opportunities to students on a weekly/monthly basis. In maintaining our responsibilities to our community goals, we want to provide opportunities for students
to engage in graphic design, marketing, fashion design, architecture, etc. We hope to meet weekly with students to work on small group projects and then meet several times a semester to work on larger projects. An example of a small group project could
be creating a newsletter for a community center while a larger project might be creating a t-shirt design for a fundraising event.

Projected outputs:

  • Recruit 15-20 students to participate in the Community Impact Club
  • Recruit 5-10 local community groups/orgs to participate in the Community Impact Club
  • Provide a minimum of 4-7 hours monthly of service learning hours per student
  • Facilitate 1-2 off site volunteer trips per semester
  • Utilize feedback from students to cater volunteer interests
  • Provide at least one networking event per semester for students to connect with local orgs/groups
  • Gain feedback from students through two surveys a semester as well as constant loop of communication with the club supervisor

Potential partners:

  • 29th Street Community Center
  • Village Learning Place
  • MissionFit
  • Corner Team Gym
  • Waverly Main Street
  • Greenmount West Community Association
  • BYKE
  • Franciscan Center

[Wednesday, Jul 20 at 10:15 AM]

Last chance to sign up for Thursday’s ice cream social!!

Date and Time

Thursday, July 21st, 2022
11:00 am - 1:00 pm