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Student Story February 5, 2018

Destiny Bennett

We sat down with Destiny Bennett, a sophomore in the Architecture program. Destiny has attended BDS since the 6th grade. She excels in her art and design courses and is a gifted writer!

We talked to Destiny about her experience here at BDS along with her participation in the Art & Design College Accelerator Program (ADCAP) at MICA. The ADCAP program is a new program that piloted this fall.

Can you explain your experience so far at the Art & Design College Accelerator Program?

It’s awesome! I enjoy it because it’s like a freelance, artistic progression feel. Your level of drawing experience is not important. They give you a step-by-step process of what the concept is. For example, we did figure drawing and no matter your skill level, they will teach you how to do it.

Describe your style of art/design.

My style is like emo/gothic. I do a lot of work about depression, ghosts, shadows and internal self-realizations. Dark human nature. I consider myself a pure artist. I am a pure artist because I actually show emotions and detail through my artwork. I actually have a concept behind my work.

What do you like best about your pathway?

I’m actually doing something with my hands and not just sitting around all day. I get to move around, I get to play with paper, I get to play with tools and I get to learn about scale and that has drastically helped me with my mathematics! Architecture feels right.

How has BDS helped you as an artist/designer?

Well, with BDS the school entirely has been set up to be a tool. It helps you to grow with your artistry. Whether you want to do Architecture, Fashion or Graphic Design…it doesn’t matter. With the pathway, it guides you to help you do what you want with your career.

What is your advice to a new student at BDS?

Be prepared! Also, show your personality through your art!