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Student Story February 19, 2019

Kaylyn Smith – Fashionista with purpose

On the fast track to Conde Nast. 11th grade fashion student Kaylyn Smith is already making a name for herself. This dynamic designer is president of the class of 2020 and a model student.

What first got you interested in fashion design?

My grandmother worked in the fashion design field and she used to tell me stories about the industry. It’s something she was really passionate about and that peaked my interest.

What class do you find the most challenging, and why?

I definitely find Fashion Design both my most rewarding and difficult class. With fashion, there are so many opportunities, yet often almost too many. This forces prioritization from many students, including myself.

What class do you find most interesting, or look forward to most each day?

My AP Literature and Composition class. I have such fun with the projects and the freedom that we get with the essays. I also really enjoy my teacher, and his more laid-back approach to the subject.

Do you plan to continue with your tenure in design, whether that be in college or career? 

Yes, I definitely plan to continue to pursue my interest in design. I hope to attend the School for Visual Arts or New York University when I graduate from BDS.

What will you miss most about BDS when you graduate?

I think what I’ll miss most about this school are the teachers and administrators that fully support the students, and their independent decisions.


Student interview conducted by Amir Ralph – Graphic Design ’20