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Event Recap September 3, 2019

Kicking off the 2019/20 School Year with Positive Vibes

Students filled the halls today, marking the 10th Back to School in BDS history. The building pulsed with the positive energy that only our students can bring, and our staff and board welcomed them with hugs, smiles and high-fives. We look forward to a year full of exploration, learning and growth, and to the support of our school community to make that happen.


Assistant Principal Brozene welcomes a Class of 2020 fashion student.

BDS Board member – Annet Cowenberg assisted high school students with their schedules.

BDS Board member- BettyClark assisted middle school students with their schedules.

It’s quite possible these are fashion students.

SGA President – Kinese Smith and Vice President – Adrian Phillips came in over summer break to fill the student bathrooms with positive messages to welcome students.

BDS Board member – Betty Clark and AmeriCorps Vista- Arnetra Burnett worked together to get middle school students to their 1st period.

Deans of Students – Ms. Miller and Mr. Banks worked the floors to assist students as they transitioned throughout the day.


Great start to a new year!  Thanks to all of our staff and volunteers who made our kickoff to the 19/20 SY a success.