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Announcements February 5, 2018

Senior Brehonna Brehon, wins scholarship to Girls Garage in CA!

This past summer, Brehonna Brehon was chosen from a few girls in her Graphic Design class to participate in a Design and Building program called Girls Garage, located in Berkeley, California.

What an opportunity for a rising junior to jet-set off to the West Coast! “Girls Garage is a week-long program for girls and women that lets them explore design and build real-world projects, in hopes of molding ‘Fearless Builders’.”

Brehonna goes on to say, “I initially heard about the opportunity through my Graphic Design teacher, Meghann Harris, who works at Girls Garage over the summer. In order to be considered for the nomination, I had to submit a written statement describing why I wanted to chosen and how I would benefit from being in the program. My reasons focused on the fact that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and the experience would not only broaden my knowledge about design but allow me to network and meet new people.”

“I learned how to use tools that I had never used before, to the point where I used them independently. I took apart a Lenovo computer and put it back together with the girls in the program and, finally and most importantly, I was able to do it all with a phenomenal group of girls. We built and welded together and grew in a sense that we all got a better understanding and abilities not only as young women, but also as females in a society where our capabilities are often tested and second-guessed.”

In addition to learning so much at Girls Garage Brehonna said, “Baltimore Design School has helped shape me as a growing designer because the teachers and students I have met and shared my experience with have given me perspective, not only in the instance of design but the world as a whole. Being around people who think the same way and very differently than me has made me a more open-minded artist and designer. I have been able to see things differently which has impacted how I work and my thought process as a designer. BDS has taught me to think outside of the box.”

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