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Announcements February 5, 2018

Sweet Victory for Graphic Design Sophomore Briana Kelly

Briana began at the Baltimore Design School (BDS) as a 6th-grade student. Shy and a little introverted, Briana kept to herself, only surrounding herself with a close-knit set of friends; friends that she still surrounds herself with today and that not-so-surprisingly are all Graphic Design students!

In the spring of 2017, Briana’s Graphic Design teacher, Meghann Harris, presented her students with the opportunity to enter a local design competition. This local competition was for students to design an original hand-drawn chalkboard sign for celebrity baker Duff Goldman’s new retail store, which was to open in Harbor East…you might have heard of the cake shop before, Charm City Cakes. Briana’s design won!

When asked about her design, Briana said, “My [thought] process was, if they’re making a cake store then things will be all over the place. I started with my sketches. They make cakes in the kitchen and Ms. Harris helped with the idea of adding the owner, Duff, into my illustration.”

Briana shared what it was like meeting celebrity baker Duff Goldman…“He said I could apply to one of his firms. He has local artists who work with him like making cake designs illustrations for cakes.” I replied, “Sure, I’ll look into it, once I get out of high school and college.”

Briana’s opportunity came with hard work, dedication, passion and a little help from a few of her role models. When asked if she had any role models, she said, “First, I look up to Ms. Harris, Kayla, and Lily…” Kayla and Lily are those ‘close-knit friends’ that were mentioned earlier, both Graphic Design students at BDS.

Briana has come a long way since her 6th-grade year. We have no doubt with Briana’s passion, creativity, and talent, she will go far in all future endeavors. Who knows, maybe she will take Duff up on his offer and we’ll see her work featured in his bakery!