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Community School Site Specialist

Christine Frederick


What IS a Community School Site Specialist?  I build relationships (& love it)!  Getting to know our scholars and their families is a personal blessing for me, and it happens to be part of my work as well.  I’m able to network and partner with community organizations, businesses, and like-minded individuals to deliver resources to our school community.  Our partners love the engagement, and realize the economic benefit, in addition to the sheer human connection.  Win-Win!!

Background/Expertise in Content Area:  Advertising and Marketing had been my career pathway for 20+ years, and I’ve been fortunate to be at the forefront of the industry changes in print and digital media. I began a transition into communications several years ago and have been able to apply some of my experience in my role at BDS. I’m excited to be part of the BDS team with a mission of developing our school community and connecting families with the resources they need to set their children up for success in every part of their lives – a founding principle to developing the whole student.

I joined the BDS Family first as a parent of a son entering the 7th grade; then as a member of the PTO; next as a volunteer communications officer and board liaison. I’m now celebrating my 9th year with Baltimore Design School.  I love the school and believe that strong leadership, committed staff, 550 student capacity (family size!), community partners, and an involved professional community is the exact formula we need to be successful in graduating our students to be successful in life.

Fun fact about me:  I climbed Mount Fuji in Japan…twice! The first time almost made it to the top – went back to get the job done! And I hate clowns. I think I’m funny, but others don’t always agree. Two additional fun facts at no additional charge!