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HS Architectural Design

Dustin O’Hara


Classes:  10th/11th/12th Grade CTE-Construction Design Management / Architectural Design

Background/Expertise in Content Area:  I have worked at Baltimore Design School since 2011 and am delighted to use my experiences as a maker of all things to fuel the hands-on side of Architecture, while also using my background as a Painter / Fine Artist to push the “Design Thinking” side of Architecture and teach my students to invest conceptually in their Designs.

I joined the BDS team because I believe that education is the most beneficial career, for the students who I can help to mold, and for the passion and creative inspirations that it stirs in me.

Fun fact about me:  Although I am an artist, and craftsman, with a YouTube channel called “The Art of Craftsmanship”, I also love to sail competitively throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall, and have been racing with the same team since high school.