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Student Story September 7, 2018

Wayne Hudley

“As an Architecture student I have learned a lot about design. I feel blessed to have a school that offers design classes and I love being a student here because of the positive environment and and the friendships I’ve made over the years with friends and teachers.”

Wayne is a senior, architecture student at BDS. He’s been at BDS since sixth grade. When Wayne first started at BDS, he thought that he wouldn’t like it here, but looking back, he now admits that he was wrong about his initial impressions of BDS. He says that his teachers know his strengths and weaknesses and help him to do his best. In all of the years he’s attended BDS, he’s never felt like an outsider. Wayne feels like everyone knows him and he can be himself without having to worry about being judged.

Wayne shares that there are so many things that make him appreciate BDS. From things like letting to show off his style by not having to wear a uniform in high school, to being able to build his films skills and use them in class. He feels that BDS lets students be creative in their own way as they grow.

Recently Wayne attended a trip to New York City with forty other sophomores and juniors, thanks to support from Under Armour. This trip really helped Wayne to get prepared for college. Students visited design colleges like Parsons and FIT, and got to go to different museums and shops. This trip opened Wayne’s eyes to a lot of things. He learned that he could survive on his own without his family. Wayne shares that he feels more like an adult now. Staying in a hotel with his friends and classmates opened his eyes and he has a better perception of what life will be like once he goes to college.

Before visiting schools in NY, Wayne shares that he was completely lost. The trip changed his life. Before, he didn’t want to go to college, but now Wayne plans to attend college. Studying architecture for four years has really opened his eyes to the world of design thinking, but he has decided that he wants to pursue his passion for film design when he graduates high school.