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Student Story February 5, 2018

Brehonna Brehon

A senior in the Graphic Design and Interactive Media pathway, Brehonna is nearing the finish. “My decision to go to the Baltimore Design School (BDS) has been one of the best and most influential decisions I have made thus far in my life.”

She continues, “BDS has impacted my life in ways no other school has or could. I am truly grateful to have spent the past four years at BDS. I have been introduced to opportunities I probably wouldn’t have elsewhere, met some of the most amazing people, and made unbreakable bonds.”

At the end of her freshman year, Brehonna selected the Graphic Design pathway. The Baltimore Design School (BDS) offers students three different design pathways; Fashion Design, Graphic Design and Architecture. Students at BDS work with their pathway teachers to develop an understanding of their chosen design field and are exposed to a wide range of projects, along with meeting different professionals within the field.

Brehonna says, “Being in Graphic Design, we do a variety of things and work with a wide range of mediums. Some of the projects we have done throughout my four years [at BDS] have been creating Pictograms, Screen-printing and Typography. Some of the other projects we have done have been Poster Designs for the 2016 election. I chose Graphic Design as my track because I envisioned it to be a broader track. Graphic Design is almost everything, it can be tied to fashion, and the majority of the things we see on an everyday basis involve Graphic Design. The street signs we follow, clothes we wear, websites we visit and so much more.”

When asked if she had any role models, Brehonna shared, “My role models are those who put feeling into what they do, and who do it with purpose and meaning. Two of my role models are Alicia Keys and my God-sister, Julia McMillan. These are two women who both create and they create, impact, and motivate others through their art. I admire them because everything they do and say is done with purpose and power. They focus on who they speak to, not just what they get out of what they do in life. That character and moral compass are what I intend to practice at a wider range. On my journey, I want to make a change and spark change in others.”

Brehonna shared some advice for new students at BDS: “For any incoming students, I would leave you with the message… to always keep an open mind, and to take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way, because you never know what may come from it. And there is always something to be learned or gained from anything.”