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Event Recap June 11, 2019

Class of 2019 Senior Farewell

The Baltimore Design School Class of 2019 gave their farewell on Friday, June 7, 2019. This is the final class to have gone to school in our original building on Winston Avenue, their graduation carrying the weight and memory of lessons learned beyond the classroom; perseverance, resilience, humility and empathy. They are truly a special group of students who have changed this school, our teachers and each other in ways that wont be forgotten.

BDS educator – Ms. Kelly Gray performed the National Anthems.
Senior reflection – Kyaih’ya Campbell
Poetry reading – Diamond Alston
Poetry reading – Angel Wheeler
Wayne Hudley introduced the Keynote Speaker.
Keynote Speaker: ’18 Alumnus John Tyler
Senior reflection – Icesis Graves
Senior reflection – Lily Pretl-Drummond

Click to view Ms. Nutsugah’s speech.

’19 Alana Pugh performed musical tribute – Rihanna’s Farewell (click to view)

BDS alma mater. Words written by Mr. Shannon Hayes. Music written and performed by BDS alumnus John Tyler. (Click to view video)

Class of 2019 passed the torch onto the rising class of 2020.
Left to right: Ms. Nutsugah, Mrs. Clifton, Principal Valentine, Ms. Harris
Left to right: Mr. NDara, Mr. Boyd, Chance Mason, Mr. Johnson
’18 Alumnus, John Tyler